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Are Wired Controllers Still a Big Deal? Wireless controllers for gaming consoles have been around since the early Nintendo days. Of course, these controllers were hardly responsive and required you to set up some complicated sensors. Just look at how awful the Nintendo Power Glove worked back then. It wasn’t until the advent of the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 when the wireless controller standard became the norm. But gamers that really care about responsiveness and sharp controls would stick with wired controllers. If you look at the PC world, you will notice that just about all the gaming keyboards and mice are wired. Despite that popularity, the Xbox 360 and Xbox One take a proprietary approach in wirelessly linking the controller to the console itself. The PS3 goes the Bluetooth route which happens to work fine for their DualShock 3 controllers. But the Xbox 360 allows you to connected corded controllers to the console’s USB ports. This is apparently a huge deal for some gamers and it isn’t just because the obvious stability advantages that wired has over wireless. Here are some other things worth noting regarding wired Xbox 360 controllers. No Batteries… Ever The idea of putting your controller away just to charge it sounds like a momentum-killing moment. But with an Xbox 360 and a compatible controller like the Red Chrome wired controller, you can enjoy that unrestricted gaming experience like you used to back in the Atari and NES days. The USB standard provides constant power to the controller so you should have a consistent and responsive gaming experience without ever worrying about low battery levels. Plays Nice with PCs Every modern laptop, PC and even some tablets have at least one USB port. This allows you to use wired controllers and play supported games right away. Popular corded controllers do not need drivers thanks to the plug and play nature of USB devices. You could download third-party tools too so you can do advanced things such as mapping buttons and controllers on the controller to keys and/or mouse actions. If you don’t even have an Xbox 360 and there is a game you wish to play that has a PC port, you could use any of the wired Xbox 360 controllers to enjoy the title as if you are playing on a real Xbox 360. Modded Controllers Exist Too! The Red Chrome wired controller is proof that at least some hardcore gamers like the benefits of corded controllers. This controller is modded enabling gamers to perform shortcuts to various FPS tricks and exploits from rapid and automatic firing to quickscoping and jump shots. Because these features are programmed into the controller, you can apply these tricks to any PC games that are compatible with Xbox 360 gamepads. More Affordable Wired controllers do not need components for transmitting wireless signals. They do not need to be equipped with their own batteries as well since they have to be plugged in at all times in order for them to function. This contributes to lower manufacturing costs. A modded wired controller complete with a fancy design can cost around $10 to $30 cheaper than a wireless version of that controller.
  • Red Chrome Wired
    This is a wired controller that features a red chrome shell and transforming d-pad. This is also one of our Pro Series controllers which feature trigger stops, and have rumbles removed for weight reduction. Trigger stops reduce the amount of distance required to pull the trigger, thus allowing you to shoot much faster.