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Getting Real Personal with Matte colors for your Xbox 360 Controllers

Microsoft certainly took its time in designing the Xbox 360 controller and it was all worthwhile because of how comfortable the controller feels and the quality of the parts. But some gaming fanatics prefer a glossy controller for added comfort while others just want their controllers a bit more personal or unique looking. This demand leads to one of the best features of the Xbox 360 controller that Microsoft doesn’t talk about – moddability. You can change the buttons, shell, thumbsticks and other elements. There are affordable kits to get you started as well as modded controllers with extra features. If you are just looking for a fresh coat of paint without any highly graphical highlights, the various Xbox 360 gamepads with matte colors is a great category to explore first.

Most of the matte colored Xbox 360 controllers focus on a two-tone color combination where the shell has one color and all the other buttons and controls have another color. The Article White and The Blues models are pretty basic examples. These models are both for folks who like the color blue but present a nice choice where you can opt for a blue case and white controls or vice-versa. One of the unique things about many of these personalized Xbox 360 gamepads is that the A, B, X, and Y buttons all have the same color. New players might be a bit confused but at least the letters are etched on the button so you can see it and you won’t have to worry about the letter fading away. The pricier Black Pro series is a rare exception to the matte colors two-tone approach since the X and B have two different shades of grey and the A and Y buttons are white. The metal thumbsticks of the Black Pro controller are grey as well. Picking a model with metal thumbsticks is necessary if you want added comfort or more precision when playing games that heavily rely on them such as first-person shooter games.

The Blackout design is another unique model because the controller is black all over with only minor color accents made to the Xbox button. Still, the Blackout belongs in this category of colored Xbox 360 controllers because of the matte feel.

If you are a fan of semi-transparent controllers where you can see all the cool circuitry from the outside, take a look at the Iced Out, Green Slime and Blood Red models. These personalized Xbox 360 gamepads have the matte feel and vivid colors but have transparent shells and they look nice.

Also remember that the cheapest form of these custom controllers with matte colors are all about the looks with that familiar feel. If you want more functionality, check out the modded versions of these controllers. If you are a huge Halo, Battlefield or Call of Duty player, you will find some of the extra features quite useful. You can do tricks like quickscoping and many more without much of a learning curve. These controllers are a bit pricier but they are well worth the money if you care about winning games and playing for longer periods without getting tired.

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