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Illuminating Controllers - More Than Just Eye Candy Xbox 360 controllers are awesome even if they are now under the shadow of the clearly superior Xbox One controllers. The Xbox 360 gamepads are very comfortable, responsive, and the latest models are versatile thanks to that cool transforming D-pad. But to those that are into flashy designs, the Xbox 360 gamepad looks bland and a bit boring. You can add some excitement to your controller through a little bit of modding by getting a custom button kit and then take the time in replacing each button and thumbstick. Then you can slap on a controller decal to personalize the controller even further. But if you want something that stands even more out, you can check out the illuminating controllers. LED controllers are not exactly a new concept as there have been some PS2 controller mods featuring LED lights back in the days. However, adding illuminating functionality to these controllers have proven difficult and it continues to be difficult today. But the Xbox 360 controllers are considerably larger allowing more room for all sorts of flashy goodness so modders managed to produce some awesome color changing controllers. The Color Changing LED controller is a testament to how far LED modding can go. The main buttons, Xbox button, D-pad and even the analog sticks all glow and the colors are capable of gradually changing color giving off this surreal effect that doesn’t get too much in the way. Other parts of this controller have lights too making this controller look like a handheld light show. In fact, the clear crystal shell really emphasizes the harmony of these LED lights. Of course, these controllers really stand out in dark environments. Illuminating controllers can be quite pricey because of all those lights and to some folks, it might not be worth the extra money if there are far too many lights. Fortunately, there are some more subtle color changing controllers that are more affordable and still look better than standard graphic controllers. The purple chrome LED is one of the better basic LED controllers available because of its chrome shell with purple analog sticks and the usual colored buttons that light up. But these illuminating Xbox 360 controllers can do more than just flash some lights and change color; if you go for the modded version, you can change the controller’s mode depending on the game you are playing. With the correct mode, you should be able to shoot faster and get access to some convenient presets. More advanced versions of these controllers also come with auto aim, jump shot, drop shot, fast reload, jitter and quickscope functions. Modded controllers can give you an advantage in FPS games over other players that just try to rely on skill. But if you are not into that sort, you can always just get the plain illuminating controllers to impress your friends. Even the plain versions feel more comfortable, have superior thumbsticks and come with all the standard qualities of typical Xbox 360 gamepads. Illuminating Controllers Compare Products You have no items to compare.