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Surprising Facts About Xbox 360 Glossy Controllers The official Xbox 360 controllers don’t feel cheap and they match the console well. But in terms of materials, other gadgets like some smartphones look a bit more premium. Of course, a gaming console controller isn’t the type of thing you would carry around with you but that didn’t stop Xbox 360 glossy controllers from existing. Custom Xbox 360 controllers like the Gloss Green Chrome and Galatic Blue models really show off their shine and the color adds a splash of fun. But this category of Xbox 360 gamepads is more than just about looks. Here are some surprising facts about these cool controllers. Outrageous Designs The Galatic Blue and Gloss Green Chrome designs are just the tip of the iceberg. Check out other polished Xbox 360 gamepads and your perspective on Xbox 360 glossy controllers will completely change. Designs like the Arctic Tiger and Carbon Fiber really show how awesome controllers can look and still have those glossy characteristics. Other glossy controllers like the Purple Tiger Chrome Edition and Pink Camo Combat Edition cater to the ladies as well (Yes, many women own an Xbox 360!). Comfortable to the Touch Looking at a picture of the glossy controller isn’t enough to understand how neat it is to have one. While these polished Xbox 360 gamepads have the same size, layout and form factor as the original 360 controllers, the glossy finish contributes to the overall feel of the controller. This might not matter if you like to play on the Xbox 360 in short bursts but extended play can get tiring and that is where the superior glossy materials help. Some of the fully modded controllers come with metal thumbsticks for better accuracy and added comfort. Fully Modded (Optional) Speaking of fully modded controllers, many of the polished controllers offer a fully modded configuration where you can configure rapid fire for many popular titles including Halo and CoD and you can perform advanced tactics like drop shot and quickscope if you opt for more advanced models. When you combine the comfort with the programmability of a glossy controller, you might just be able to end that frustrating losing streak in your favorite first-person shooter game. A fully modded controller does cost more than a standard glossy one but it could be worth your money if you frequently play FPS games on Xbox Live. Cheaper Than You Think Without the modding stuff, Xbox 360 glossy controllers are priced in the $60 to $80 range although some occasionally go on sale. Some may find that price range still expensive though since it is about twice the price of an original controller. But there is a workaround if you don’t need an extra controller and don’t mind opening up your existing controller. Consider buying a complete shell kit for a fraction of the price and you can literally turn your original Xbox 360 controller into a glossy controller. You won’t get the modded benefits but you should be able to game much better thanks to the quality parts and shell.