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Modded Controllers

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Geniusmods has been offering modded xbox 360 controllers since 2007. We were among the first to sell modded xbox 360 controllers, so we have the experience and expertise to provide you with the best modded controller possible. We offer a wide selection of designs and colors, in addition to three different mod levels that will suite any gamers needs. These being the GM Pro, GM Elite, and GM Master Mod. To learn more about what each mod level contains, click here to check out our buyer's guide.

Don't be fooled by those claiming to have thousands of mods on their modded controllers. All games have a cap at how fast you can shoot, and if you exceed that fire rate that particular mode will not work. So while some may offer 100 shots per second as a mode, that mode is essentially useless as no game is compatible with it. We simplied our rapid fire mods into 10 modes, and have each mode pre-programmed to the fastest allowable speed for many of the hottest Xbox 360 games, such as Call of Duty, Halo, Gears of War, and Battlefield. We do offer the ability to adjust the speed, and the reason being is so that you have the ability to change the speed for future game releases that may need speed adjustments.

In addition to rapid fire, we also offer many other mods with our GM Elite and GM Master Mod that can further enhance your gaming experience. For instance, we offer drop shot, quickscope, jumpshot, auto-aim, and much more. What makes our modded controllers unique, is that you can quickly enable/disable these types of mods (including rapid fire), and you can use them in conjunction with one another. There is no need to search through thousands of modes to find a mode that contains drop shot, quickscope, or whichever mod you may be looking for. Our modded controllers are user friendly and simple to use.

Geniusmods modded controllers also come in a wide array of designs, finishes, and graphics. We offer hundreds of styles, and continue to keep adding more. We also do custom orders, so if you want a modded controller that you do not see on our website, feel free to contact us and we can build your dream modded controller.

Our modded controllers also have other performance enhancing features as well, such as trigger stops. Trigger stops reduce the distrance required to pull the trigger to shoot in popular games such as Call of Duty. This is a physical advantage as you no longer need to depress the trigger all the way to aim and shoot. When used in conjunction with our other mods, you will be an untouchable FPS gamer! We also offer modded controllers with rumbles removed incase you prefer a lighter controller. Geniusmods is always innovating and providing more selection to give gamers the exact modded controller they are looking for.