Black Chrome Combat Edition


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This controller features a matte black shell with bullet ABXY/Guide buttons and a transforming D-pad. The controller is also equipped with white LEDs.

Product Description

At Geniusmods, we understand the need to customize the components of your controller, from design to functionality. Above this description, you will see drop down menus with a plethora of options to choose from. Below is a description of each of these categories in which you can customize your controller to your playing needs.

Button Remapping:

With this button remap controller, you have the option to re-route a button on the controller to a small tact switch on the back of the controller, right where your middle finger rests. This gives you easy access to buttons that you may normally not have access to during gameplay. Geniusmods offers the ability to have up to two buttons remapped to the back of the controller. Note this remapped button will still work in its normal location, you will just have a second instance of the button on the back of the controller. 

To select your button layout, use the dropdown menu and select the which button you would like to have added to the back, and which side you would like it on. We find that most of our customers re-map the R3 button for quick melee action, or the A/B button for some quick jumpshots and dropshots.


Trigger Stops:

Trigger stops reduce the distance required to pull the trigger when shooting in Call of Duty. In Call of Duty, it is not necessary to depress the trigger entirely to fire your weapon. With trigger stops installed, you can greatly improve your rate of fire since your trigger will return to the neutral position much faster. 

Mod Selection:

You can purchase the controller without any mods (only cosmetic changes), the GM Pro (rapid fire only), GM Elite (rapid fire plus three add on mods) or the GM Master Mod (rapid fire plus many more additional mods). The details of the three levels of mods are as follows:


GM Pro:

The GM Pro features 10 modes of rapid fire, each of which is user programmable. Eight of the modes include presets for the latest games, but if you ever wish to change the speed of the mode you have the ability to do so. The preset modes are set to the fastest allowable speed for those games, and increasing those speeds will cause that mode not to work. The 10 modes are as follows:


  • Mode 1: Call of Duty (rifles), Ghosts, Black Ops 2, MW3, MW2, Black Ops, COD 4, Advanced Warfare, Black Ops 3
  • Mode 2: Call of Duty (pistols), Ghosts, Black Ops 2, MW3, MW2, Black Ops, COD 4, Advanced Warfare, Black Ops 3
  • Mode 3: All Halo series
  • Mode 4: GOW 2/3 (hammerburst)
  • Mode 5: GOW 2/3 (Pistols)
  • Mode 6: GTA4/GTAV
  • Mode 7: COD WaW (Fast)
  • Mode 8: COD WaW (slow)
  • Mode 9: General (20sps)
  • Mode 10: General (25sps)


Each mode has the ability to perform rapid fire on both the left and right triggers.  In addition, you can enable a burst mode which will shoot a set number of bullets when you pull the trigger. 


GM Elite:

The GM Elite includes everything that the GM Pro includes, but also three additional mods. These mods can be used in conjunction with one another, as well as in conjunction with rapid fire. The following additional mods are included:

Drop Shot: When you shoot, you will drop to the ground to evade enemy fire. Note that you must be using the default control configuration for this to work. If you are playing tactical, you will have to purchase the GM Master Mod which includes the ability to use tactical control setup for dropshot.

Jitter: Jitter exploits a glitch which allows you to shoot even faster than normal rapid fire. With Jitter enabled, you will not be able to aim down your sights, but you will shoot faster than you can imagine!

Auto Aim: Auto aim does NOT work online. It will only work for campaign and zombies modes in Call of Duty. 


GM Master Mod:

The GM Master Mod includes everything the GM Pro and GM Elite includes, but also has the following extra mods:

Jump Shot: When you shoot, you will jump in the air to evade enemy fire. There are several sub-modes in which you can select how many times you jump, and how quickly.

Quickscope: You will scope and automatically fire at the exact moment the accuracy of being scoped kicks in.

Adjustable Fast Reload (COD only): Shave milliseconds off your reload time by cancelling part of the reload animation 

Perfect Active Reload (GOW): Have perfectly timed active reloads for the most popular weapons in Gears of War.

Akimbo/Auto Akimbo: Control R and L rapid fire with one trigger. 

Drop Shot Sub-Modes: Unlike the GM Elite, drop shot in the GM Master Mod allows you to configure sub modes for drop shot that allow you to use drop shot on both tactical and default control configurations, and also configure whether you drop when you aim/shoot.

Jitter Sub-Modes: The jitter in the GM Elite has sub modes in which you can configure XYY or YY jitter. 


Weight Reduction:

Long gaming sessions can take a toll on your hands and arms. A large portion of the controller weight is within the rumbles, and some gamers prefer not to have the rumble function enabled. We offer the option to remove normal game rumbles as well as trigger rumbles. 


Q: Are modded controllers illegal? Can mods be used online?
A: No, modded controllers are not illegal. They are undetectable, and can be used online. You cannot get banned, or in trouble for using a modded controller, we have sold hundreds of thousands of controllers and no issues :) The only thing you can get banned for is modding your console to play bootleg games. Our controllers have nothing to do with modded consoles.
Q: Are these controllers brand new? Are they authentic Microsoft and Sony controllers?
A: We purchase brand new, authentic controllers from Sony and Microsoft. We then add our mods, and if you opted for custom shells we install those. All internals are genuine, brand new controllers.
Q: What games will modded controllers work for?
A: We have speeds pre-programmed for the latest games, including ALL Call of Duty games (including WWII, ALL Halo games, and ALL Gears of War games, Grand Theft Auto, Destiny, Borderlands, Rainbow Six, Titanfall, Battlefield, and many other first person shooters.
Q: Can I play non-shooting games with modded controllers?
A: Yes! Rapid fire can be easily turned off. When rapid fire is off, the controller will function just like any other controller would, and can be used for any other game.
Q: How can I know if I have the fastest modded controllers in the market?
A: All of our programs are set to the maximum speed the games will allow. Many popular games, such as Call of Duty, have limits as to how fast you can shoot. We set our program at a speed RIGHT below this limit, maximizing your rate of fire.
Q: Will all weapons work with rapid fire?
A: No, weapons that are already fully automatic are already at the maximum speed they can shoot.
Why doesn’t auto-aim work online on my modded controllers?
A: It is impossible for auto-aim to work online with any modded controller. The only way to get it to work online is if you mod your console, and that will get you banned.
Q: What happens if my controller modded controller breaks?
A: All modded controllers we sell are covered under a one year warranty. If anything goes wrong, simply contact us and we will be happy to assist you.

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