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Controller Customization on the Cheap with a 12 Piece Trims Kit Original Xbox 360 controllers are not exactly meant to be customized and that is understandable because that is simply how controllers are. User manuals might offer some useful maintenance tips but they won’t really go as far as teaching you how to disassemble your controller. That is what video tutorials are for although with the Xbox 360, you will need a Torx T8 screwdriver. Is getting one worthwhile? Well, taking your controller apart not only allows you to clean the controller’s parts but it also opens up the possibility of controller customization. Get yourself a 12 piece trims kit for your Xbox 360 gamepad and you could end up with a nice custom controller after you went through the tedious steps in getting each part replaced. Some people might wonder if getting a 12 piece parts kit is really a smart cheap move. Cheap methods often come with compromises and the tedious nature of taking apart your controller is one of them. This is why some gamers would drop the idea in buying custom Xbox 360 parts and simply buy an already custom-made or modded controller. When you factor that in, choosing the best customization route seemingly becomes more complicated. By understanding the pros and cons of each approach, you can make the best decision and end up with that custom controller that you will proudly claim as your own. Price is a big deal when it comes to a 12 piece trims kit because the most expensive ones only cost about $15 while the custom Xbox 360 parts that use less premium materials cost a few dollars less. There are even some 15 piece parts kits for added customization. But in general, a 12 piece parts kit includes a pair of custom thumbsticks, mic trim, D-pad and all buttons and triggers. The Torx T8 security screwdriver is thrown in the package as well so you no longer have to buy it separately. Once you carefully installed each part in your controller, you essentially end up with a custom Xbox 360 controller with all the original internals and shell. Depending on the kit you get, your controller could feel upgraded as well. Then when you are bored with the custom style, you can simply purchase another 12 piece kit and end up with something different. Your total expenses will still be considerably less than they would be if you bought a custom controller separately. Of course, buying a custom controller could still be a better decision if you want a fully personalized controller and you want to keep your original controller. You won’t get the Torx T8 but you won’t have to open your controller either. If you are willing to spend a bit more, you can get a fully modded controller that grants you an advantage in games like Call of Duty: Ghosts. Don’t forget too that you can still purchase a 12 piece trims kit even if you already have a modded controller in case you want to customize the look of your extra Xbox 360 original controller.