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Checklist Guide to Considering Complete Shell Kits for your Xbox 360 Controller

The Xbox 360 controller used to be the gold standard of gamepads until the Xbox One and PS4 controllers came out. The original controller is very well made and it is quite easy to disassemble if you want to make any modifications. Taking the controller to a store for repairs or buying a brand new controller can be a safer route but don’t forget the option of buying complete shell kits. This checklist guide will help determine if buying Xbox 360 controller parts is the better decision.

You Require More Customization Options There are plenty of unique Xbox 360 controller designs available for purchase with some having sophisticated looks while others use different materials that you may or may not like. The price of a custom Xbox 360 gamepad can be equivalent to several DIY controller kit sets. If you purchase multiple styles, you can mix and match the parts to your liking and leave all the extra parts as spares in case these parts wear out. You can also change some of the parts of your controller if you prefer the original feel of certain parts such as the thumbsticks.

You Wish to Replace Multiple Worn Out Parts If you are certain that the controller has no internal damage but has worn out parts, buying even a single complete shell kit is the cheapest solution to the problem. Since you have to disassemble the entire controller to replace any of the parts, it might be a good idea to make use of all the parts in the DIY controller kit so your Xbox 360 controller feels brand new and possibly upgraded if you go for certain complete shell kits like the chrome shells.

You Want Better Gameplay Without Modding Some Xbox 360 controllers with custom designs are priced higher than original controllers because they are modded inside and out. You can execute certain tricks in first-person shooter and some third-person shooter games to make your multiplayer sessions more fun. But if you are not into these types of games or prefer an even playing field, you can go for any Xbox 360 controller parts that simply make the controller feel more comfortable to hold. There is nothing immoral about making yourself play more comfortably for extended periods of time.

You Don’t Need an Extra Controller You can go ahead and buy one of the fine modded Xbox 360 controllers and after you realize the benefits, you will use it as your primary controller while the original Xbox 360 controller just sits somewhere. That’s fine if you have friends or relatives along with some good local multiplayer games to play with them but otherwise, you’ll have to try to sell your original controller or leave it as a backup. But if you don’t want a spare controller, you can save a lot of money by getting a DIY controller kit.

You are Willing to Disassemble and Reassemble Your Controller This is pretty much the biggest downside to going for complete shell kits. But if you can watch a short video tutorial and follow the steps exactly with confidence, you will find out that getting a shell kit for your Xbox 360 controller is a great cost-effective way to customize your controller and piecing the controller together is quite fun and fulfilling.

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