Red PS4 Elite Controller (Adjustable Paddles)

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Fully loaded with the GM Master Mod, Adjustable Paddles, Trigger Stops, and a One Year Warranty! Paddles have a lifetime warranty so no need to worry about unresponsive or broken paddles! Special pricing for a limited time! Play like the pros!

Product Description

Our signature Custom PS4 Elite Controller is designed to give you the competitive edge to win! This PS4 Elite Controller comes standard with high quality reflex paddles, trigger stops, and the GM Master Mod. Your paddles will click for as long as you have the controller, guaranteed. If your paddles ever stop clicking, or they snap, send it back to us and we will replace them.



Our paddles on the back of the controller essentially replicate ANY button on the controller. Most of our customers configure their paddles to buttons such as O or X, buttons that are used frequently in Call of Duty. The paddles give you a faster response time, allowing for better drop shot and jump shots, or melee attacks. You can change the button the paddle is configured to on the fly giving you full control over your gameplay experience.

Geniusmods paddles are engineered for to be as responsive as possible to give you the fastest reaction time, they will click for their lifetime unlike our competitors' paddles that wear after a few weeks, or even days of use. Our competitors use other paddle methods that include cheap plastic parts and buttons that can easily break. Ours have the perfect amount of flex, are durable to last through intense gaming sessions, and you can click them over 400,000 times and they will continue to click throughout their lifetime. No more dead paddles! If you do experience a problem, simply send the controller back to us and it will be replaced. Or we can send you a kit to install them yourself.


Trigger Stops:

When playing eSport games, every second counts. Especially when it comes to game like Counter Strike: GO, Overwatch, Call of Duty, and other FPS games. Trigger stops reduce the distance required to pull the trigger when shooting in Call of Duty. In Call of Duty, it is not necessary to press the trigger entirely to fire your weapon. With trigger stops installed, you can greatly improve your rate of fire since your trigger will return to the neutral position much faster. 

GM Master Mod:

This custom modded PS4 Elite controller provides you with the largest options for mods. The GM Master Mod includes 10 modes of rapid fire, each of which is user programmable. Eight of the modes include presets for the latest games, but if you ever wish to change the speed of the mode you have the ability to do so. The preset modes are set to the fastest allowable speed for those games, and increasing those speeds will cause that mode not to work. The 10 modes are as follows:


  • Mode 1: Call of Duty (rifles), Ghosts, All Black Ops, All Modern Warfare, (including Remastered), COD 4, Advanced Warfare, Infinite Warfare, WW2
  • Mode 2: Call of Duty (pistols), Ghosts, All Black Ops, All Modern Warfare, (including Remastered), COD 4, Advanced Warfare, Infinite Warfare, WW2
  • Mode 3: Call of Duty (semi-autos), Ghosts, All Black Ops, All Modern Warfare, (including Remastered), COD 4, Advanced Warfare, Infinite Warfare, WW2
  • Mode 4: GTAV and Call of Duty (autos), Ghosts, All Black Ops, All Modern Warfare, (including Remastered), COD 4, Advanced Warfare, Infinite Warfare
  • Mode 5: Open Mode – Default 20 SPS
  • Mode 6: Open Mode – Default 16 SPS
  • Mode 7: Open Mode – Default 12 SPS
  • Mode 8: Open Mode – Default 10 SPS
  • Mode 9: Open Mode – Default 7 SPS
  • Mode 10: Open Mode – Default 5 SPS


Each mode has the ability to perform rapid fire on both the left and right triggers.  In addition, you can enable a burst mode which will shoot a set number of bullets when you pull the trigger. 

Also included are several add-on mods, which can be used in conjunction with one another, as well as in conjunction with rapid fire. The following additional mods are included:


  • Drop Shot: When you shoot, you will drop to the ground to evade enemy fire. There are several settings within drop shot, including different settings for tactical/default control setups, as well as specific actions to perform within the drop shot, such as whether you stand after dropping automatically, or just drop and stay on the ground.
  • Jitter: Jitter exploits a glitch which allows you to shoot even faster than normal rapid fire. With Jitter enabled, you will not be able to aim down your sights, but you will shoot faster than you can imagine! You can toggle between various forms of jitter including XYY (fast), XYY (slow), and XY.
  • Auto Aim: Auto aim does NOT work online. It will only work for campaign and zombies modes in Call of Duty.
  • Jump Shot: When you shoot, you will jump in the air to evade enemy fire. There are several sub-modes in which you can select how many times you jump, and how quickly.
  • Quickscope: You will scope and automatically fire at the exact moment the accuracy of being scoped kicks in.
  • Adjustable Fast Reload (COD only): Shave milliseconds off your reload time by cancelling part of the reload animation.
  • Akimbo/Auto Akimbo: Control R and L rapid fire with one trigger.
  • Auto Sniper Breath: Automatically hold your breath when aiming down your sights.
  • Auto-Run: When enabled, you will automatically run without needing to click in the left thumbstick.


Q: Are modded controllers illegal? Can mods be used online?
A: No, modded controllers are not illegal. They are undetectable, and can be used online. You cannot get banned, or in trouble for using a modded controller, we have sold hundreds of thousands of controllers and no issues :) The only thing you can get banned for is modding your console to play bootleg games. Our controllers have nothing to do with modded consoles.
Q: Are these controllers brand new? Are they authentic Microsoft and Sony controllers?
A: We purchase brand new, authentic controllers from Sony and Microsoft. We then add our mods, and if you opted for custom shells we install those. All internals are genuine, brand new controllers.
Q: What games will modded controllers work for?
A: We have speeds pre-programmed for the latest games, including ALL Call of Duty games (including WWII, ALL Halo games, and ALL Gears of War games, Grand Theft Auto, Destiny, Borderlands, Rainbow Six, Titanfall, Battlefield, and many other first person shooters.
Q: Can I play non-shooting games with modded controllers?
A: Yes! Rapid fire can be easily turned off. When rapid fire is off, the controller will function just like any other controller would, and can be used for any other game.
Q: How can I know if I have the fastest modded controllers in the market?
A: All of our programs are set to the maximum speed the games will allow. Many popular games, such as Call of Duty, have limits as to how fast you can shoot. We set our program at a speed RIGHT below this limit, maximizing your rate of fire.
Q: Will all weapons work with rapid fire?
A: No, weapons that are already fully automatic are already at the maximum speed they can shoot.
Why doesn’t auto-aim work online on my modded controllers?
A: It is impossible for auto-aim to work online with any modded controller. The only way to get it to work online is if you mod your console, and that will get you banned.
Q: What happens if my controller modded controller breaks?
A: All modded controllers we sell are covered under a one year warranty. If anything goes wrong, simply contact us and we will be happy to assist you.

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  • 2 of 2 people found the following review helpful

    Amazing value! Love it!

    I mostly play COD but found myself playing other shooters more after getting this controller. I was surprised by the price since other sites are about twice as much so I was a bit concerned it wouldn't be as good. This is my first modded controller and I'm glad I invested in it.

    The paddles are a huge help, they click great and make me have a much faster finger I configured it to O and X and I have been a beast at drop shots with it, so much more convenient than having to press the button. I haven't configured all the mods yet I'm still learning it but so far its easy to use. For COD the rapid fire is amazing on the pistols it makes them fully like an automatic weapon perfect for when my primary is out of ammo and I'm on a killstreak and need that extra fire power. Took a while to change my style to using the mods but I'm getting used to it and winning much more which is exactly what I was looking for. Oh and the trigger stops are sweet they really make a huge difference! My old controller used to sometimes get stuck when the triggers pulled back and with this its like an instant just tap slightly and boom you shoot very pleased with this the quality is amazing. I see that the paddles are 3D printed so they are a bit rough but I like the bottom black circles they fit your fingers perfect and have a bit of a grip to it so it is really nice to hold in your hands definitely recommend to anyone looking for a good controller. So far I also tried it on Battlefield 1 and it works for that too but haven;t tried too many other games with it. 5 stars easy.

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  • 1 of 2 people found the following review helpful

    A good one

    Very happy with the product.My friend suggested me about this console and Thanx to him that my experience has been a great one with this product.defintaley something which you should be spending money on.

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  • 1 of 2 people found the following review helpful

    Warranty is good

    I'm giving this 4 stars since after about 2 months I had an issue where I dropped it and a paddle stopped working but I contacted Geniusmods and sent it back and it took about a week or two to get back but they sent me a brand new one very happy they stand by their products since its an expensive purchase so I'm very pleased so far no problems with my new controller and I feel comfortable since the warranty is still good for a year and they said it doesn't expire even thought I sent one back so good experience for me.

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