• New designs available

    We are pleased to announce that we have plenty of new designs for the bluetooth Xbox One S controllers! A link to these controllers can be seen below:




    We have added some new PS4 designs as well, be sure to check them out!

  • Working towards 24/7 support!

    At Geniusmods, we are always looking to innovate. Usually our innovations include offering newer mods or cosmetic modifications on custom controllers, but we are here working on our customer support system.

    We sell to gamers all over the world, and we realized within this community there is a lack of after hours support from custom controller companies. Not only that, but we realize gamers tend to be up late playing away as well. So we have been revising our business and staggering shifts to have employees available around the clock. While we are not quite at 24/7 capacity, we are close! We are continuing to hire and grow our team so that support will always be available, regardless of time, for your convenience.

    So if you see our live chat operators available in the middle of the night, chances are that yes, someone is there answering emails and live chats, all from our offices in the US.

    We are very excited about this and we hope you are too! Adding to our staff and including night shifts is also letting us get your orders out faster than ever. This is something no other controller company is doing!

  • $50 Geniusmods Gift Card Giveaway!

    For 2018, we are going to start doing monthly giveaways via the "Contests" tab on our homepage. Each month will be different, and those who are already newsletter subscribers will be automatically entered into each one.


    For January 2018, we are going to start off with a $50 gift card giveaway. Incase you are not a current subscriber, you can click here to enter and find out additional information and details.

  • Green Monday Sale! $50 off PS4 Elite Controllers

    Happy Green Monday! As I am sure you've seen, many online retailers have been extending Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals and even doing a "cyber week" sale where they update discounts daily. We are sharing the love and offering some daily deals in addition to our normal "Specials" items.

    For today, we are offering $50 off our signature lime green PS4 Elite Controller. This is by far one of our most popular controllers, you can configure it with the GM Master Mod which provides functions such as rapid fire, drop shot, jump shot, quickscope, auto run, and many more. This can be paired with a set of paddles that can be configured to any button on the fly, as well as trigger stops which help you to shoot even faster. Combine these three functions and you have an unbeatable FPS controller. It is compatible with all the latest games including Call of Duty WW2, Battlefield 1, Destiny 2, Rainbow Six, and many more. Together these functions will dramatically improve your response time and give you that extra edge over the competition.


    Here is a link to the product:

    This controller has been designed by professional gamers and finely tuned with a great deal of finesse to maximize performance. These controllers can be used in most tournaments as the mod functions can be disabled, the paddles and trigger stops are still there to give you that extra edge in tournament play.

  • Build Your Own PS4 Custom Controller

    At Geniusmods we already offer a plethora of custom modded controllers with various designs and mod functions. However, we understand the need to create a controller from scratch that suits your personality and needs. Here we have finally built a controller creator where it displays a preview of the controller you will receive. Here is a link to our controller builder:

    It is best to view this configurator on a desktop device rather than a mobile device as it is pretty intensive since it is easier to view the swatches and see the changes in real time. If you have any feedback we would love to hear it!

  • Gift Cards Now Available!

    Gift cards are now available for sale at They never expire, and can even be returned! Custom amounts are available. You can use more than one card at a time as well, and they can be used with promo coupon codes if available.

    For more information, go to the gift card listing here:

    Perfect if you want to get someone a modded controller or custom controller but don't know exactly what they want. Typically a controller is between $100-200 for a full build so we recommend an amount somewhere in that range.

  • Geniusmods Cyber Week Deals - 40% Off Custom Controllers

    Instead of simply offering limited time Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals, we are sharing the discounts all week. Use code PS4FRIDAY to save 40% off any order. Whether you want a DIY parts kit to repair/customize your controller, or a controller already fully assembled, the coupon code will work for any item! Code is valid until Sunday December 3rd at Midnight PST.

  • Playstation 4 Custom Controller Builder

    We are proud to announce our new custom build-your-own PS4 controller. We already had a line of plenty of custom cosmetic mods, but now we took it one step further where you can customize your controller by selecting swatches and seeing a preview of what your customized PS4 controller will look like. Here is a link to where you can build your own:

  • Will the Nintendo Switch continue to live up to the hype?

    Since its launch, a short while ago, Nintendo Switch has been rated the fastest selling Nintendo console ever. If we do a ‘pros and cons’ comparison for it we see that it has both of them present, and this has people believing that even though the sales have been amazing the Nintendo Switch might not perform as well as we hope it would.

    For starters the Nintendo switch has a lack of online gaming and the users will only have to stick with locally playable games. But this point isn’t strong enough to prove it to be Nintendo’s last console. Let’s take a closer look at what the Nintendo Switch had to offer.


    When we heard that Nintendo switch would be a proper hybrid gaming console, we were all very excited but we clearly didn’t think about how long the battery would last and how powerful a portable console could be. Hoping that one console will be able to give us the joy of portable gaming along with a proper home console gaming, but this excitement didn’t last long when we got a full look at the specs. The Nintendo switch is pretty weak in comparison to PS4 or Xbox One hardware. Nintendo switch plays games at only 720p when used in the portable mode and 1080p when used at home connected to a dock.

    The second major reason which drags downs Switch’s appeal is that it comes with a built in 32GB internal memory only which means that we’ll have to buy external memory cards to store more games. This brings us to one of the biggest problems with the Nintendo switch, accessories for the Nintendo switch aren’t an option, they’re necessary to buy. If you want to have fun on the Nintendo Switch, then buying more accessories is a must.


    Nintendo has introduced its joy-cons with the Nintendo switch and they look and perform amazingly well. Playing games like Mario kart and Legend of Zelda are going to be a pleasure to play with the joy-cons attached, although playing games like Skyrim aren’t going to be that much fun in our opinion. A fun thing about the joy-cons is that they can be held in a number of ways which vary from game to game, but FPS games or the games that require excessive controlling options are not a good match for the Nintendo Switch’s joy-cons.

    The joy-cons feature HD rumbles according to which Nintendo says,”Will make our players feel every touch, spin and turn exactly the way it was meant.”


    Nintendo Switch doesn’t prove to be a reliable option for replacing PS4 or Xbox One. Nintendo switch is far behind them in the terms of hardware, processing power, graphics and gaming diversity. The Nintendo Switch was introduced to tackle the console market in an inventive way but because of its mobile friendly Nvidia Tegra GPU the graphics and the processor of the Nintendo switch are a no match in front of a PS4 or Xbox One. But Nintendo switch plays Legends of Zelda at 1080p with 60fps when docked and 720p with 30fps when in mobile mode, this is a mind changer and tells us that we might want to wait and see how other games work out on the console. Waiting and being patient is highly advised before buying a Nintendo switch.

    So Why Are People Buying The Nintendo Switch?

    So far the Nintendo switch has been giving a positive feedback from the market, but the real question is that will the people be willing to buy it in the future too? This successful launch might not be the only thing needed to make the Switch a successful gaming console, and by looking at the way the things are going it may be possible that things might go opposite to our expectations.

    One can easily tell that the major reason that Nintendo Switch has managed to Sell as Much Consoles as It Has Is because of Legend of Zelda: Breath of The Wild. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of The Wild is one of the finest games to come out in recent years.

    The Story

    Legend of Zelda: Breath of The Wild follows a strong narrative in which our hero link wakes up from his slumber after hundreds of years only to find the land over taken by Ganon. As Link you’re tasked with the job of stopping Ganon and saving prices Zelda. The characters are well developed and the story is both impactful and filled with existing moments to retain interest regardless of how many times you’ve played through it.

    An Open World Experience

    In Legend of Zelda: Breath of The Wild you don’t simply follow a step by step mission line but rather are completely free to do whatever you want. From the very start you have the full freedom to charge to Hyrule Castle as soon as you get out of the initial stage but it’s highly recommended that you don’t try that since you’ll only end up dying. There’s no one forcing you to do something you don’t want or take part in any unnecessary side quests that are absolutely necessary to finish the game.

    In every meaning of the word, Legend of Zelda: Breath of The Wild provides you with a game that is completely free of any restrictions. The world of Legend of Zelda: Breath of The Wild is developed exceptionally well. Everything from towers to shrines and even enemy camps are well placed to make the experience much more enjoyable and immersive.

    The Combat & Mechanics

    Nintendo didn’t spare any effort in making the Legend of Zelda: Breath of The Wild a stunning game. The ways you can interact with the environment are completely amazing. From everything to climbing mountains to grass being cut when you swing your sword, the details to the mechanics and graphics are stunning. Unlike most RPG level based games you soon become strong enough that the game pretty much becomes boring and stops being a challenge. What makes Legend of Zelda: Breath of The Wild standout is the fact that by the time you reach the end you’ll still have plenty of strong enemies and situations that will give you a run for your money. Though the weapon durability is an annoying aspect of the game but one that definitely adds more variety to it.

    Legend of Zelda: Breath of The Wild is by far one of the key reasons people bought the Switch. It is estimated that 90% of people that bought the switch also bought Legend of Zelda. But what happens after people have had their fill of Legend of Zelda: Breath of The Wild?

    What Does The Future Hold For The Nintendo Switch?

    One of the biggest issues with the Nintendo switch is that there is a really less number of games available with the Nintendo switch at the launch. The major reason that the people are buying the console is to play Legends of Zelda and after that there isn’t much to the Nintendo switch to keep people entertained with console, this is no doubt a thing the buyers should be worried about.

    In the future even if more games are introduced for the Nintendo Switch, Nintendo switch still wouldn’t be a wise replacement option for the PS4 or Xbox One or your gaming PC. The only thing that attracts us to the Nintendo switch is the first party games and apart from that the Nintendo switch doesn’t have much to offer.

    The Nintendo switch was created in an inventive way to feature handheld gaming plus home gaming, but due to the Nvidia GPU the processing power, the graphics and other specs are nothing in front of consoles like PS4, Xbox One and a gaming PC.

    The chances of high end games for the Nintendo switch from the 3rd party game developer companies are really scarce, plus, the little number of games currently available for the console isn’t going be enough for the Nintendo switch to be taken as a primary gaming console.

    So far the reviews and all the feedback of the Nintendo switch have a number of positive and negative points but when the players are done playing Legend of Zelda, then the future of the Nintendo switch will be decided. Sadly there has not been any news so far of even a single AAA title games launching on the Nintendo Switch from third party game developers. If 3rd party developers don’t start releasing some AAA title on the Nintendo Switch soon chances are it will end up like the Xbox One or like Nintendo Wii U. As of first party games the Nintendo switch is scheduled for 3 big titles launching in 2017, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, Mario Kart Odyssey and Splatoon 2.

  • Resident Evil 7: Bio Hazard

    Resident Evil 7: Bio Hazard is out and we can’t stop playing it with our custom PS4 controllers. Playing Resident Evil 7: Bio Hazard with the lights off with my very own custom Xbox One Controller and custom PS4 controller definitely adds a bit more to the overall atmosphere.

    Finally after years of disappoint since Resident Evil 4, Resident Evil feel likes the good old Resident Evil we remember but at the same times feels likes something completely new that we have never seen before which just might be the reason for its success. But after all the changes what made the game so damn good after what seemed like the end of the series? Let’s find out.

    The Bold Move To FPS

    When you think about this something that’s really hard to accomplish considering how the series was thought to be dead after Resident Evil 6. Resident Evil 7 finally brings the game back to its roots. That is filled with horror, action and genuine intrigue that will have you coming back for more every time. Many people were skeptical when Capcom decided to change the traditional 3rd person view for the Resident Evil games to first person to cater to the growing VR industry but after having a go at it I can say for certain that the FPS gameplay only makes the experience a whole lot more enjoyable. Considering how well this made it look on VR it definitely had a big part in the success of Resident Evil 7: Bio Hazard.

    The Scarce? The Hopelessness? The Realism?

    Unlike the previous installments of the Resident Evil series you aren’t just seeing the character through a third eye but rather through the eyes of Ethan the protagonist of the game who has to battle the Bakers to save his girlfriend, Mia. From the very star Resident Evil 7 manages to establish a sense of helplessness that greatly aids in establishing an environment and atmosphere that has the players jumping from their seats at the slightest of sound. But don’t misunderstand, all that changes once you progress through a bit of the game and finally get a gun in your hand. Then it’s time to shoot zombies in the while you run, scourge and look in scary places to find spare bits of ammo that are scarcely distributed throughout the game. At first, Resident Evil 7 may look a lot like outlast and Amnesia but in truth is still feels like the same old Resident Evil games we fell in love with. Another new updates to the gameplay is crafting. As the game progresses you’ll find items that you will be able to use to craft ammo, health kits and other items.

    The Graphics & Sound

    Resident Evil 7 is probably one of the few games that take full advantage of tech in new gen consoles to deliver a truly visually appealing game experience that feels unique yet beautiful. Resident Evil 7 provides PS4 Pro support with full 4K and HDR that further adds to the games already gorgeous textures and graphics. Once I started playing Resident Evil 7 on the PC at 4K and 60fps I was truly stunned at how slick and smooth the movements and graphics were. The candles flicker in the dark with an intensity and motion that is seldom seen in games like The Witcher 3.

    Besides the gorgeous graphics Resident Evil 7 manages to get another thing right, the sounds. Unlike other horror games, Resident Evil 7 doesn’t rely on jump scares but rather builds up the moment and delivers a scare with careful build up while retaining the atmosphere of fear throughout the game which is accomplished through Resident Evil 7’s amazing sound. I’m walking down a corridor, the music starts picking up making me believe that something is going to happen – but nothing happens – and then it does.

    The Amazing VR

    Resident Evil 7 is a terrifying game even without the VR so imagine how much the fright facto increases when you are really there? A LOT! As I was playing Resident Evil 7: Biohazard I sat on the couch, moved my neck, took in the atmosphere got up, and in the next 2 or 3 minutes I was yelling my guts out. This game in VR is not for the faint of heart, Resident Evil 7: Biohazard doesn’t try to go be excessively scary or focus on the survival aspects of the game, it just somehow finds the perfect blend for us to enjoy. It’s the first game on VR which actually lasts more than a couple of hours and feels like a complete game with a story.

    So What Worked?

    From the VR to the graphics to the sound, Resident Evil 7 managed to get a lot right but what made the game stand out was surely the vast variety and the fact that no one had any hopes for the Resident Evil series. Since no one had any hopes or were even sure whether they’re would be another Resident Evil game which gave the creators all the freedom they needed to reinvent the game to meet the standards of modern survival/horror games. It is first person instead of third, the cast is much smaller as compared to the hordes in previous games and somehow manages to feel like a Resident Evil game without being a Resident Evil game!

    If you’re someone who still hasn’t had the chance to play Resident Evil 7, we highly recommend you give it a shot and with our custom PS4 controllers and Xbox One controllers you can make the frightening experience of playing Resident Evil 7 all the more enjoyable.

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