About Geniusmods

Company History
Where it all started : Modded Controllers – Geniusmods was started in 2008, and is registered in the state of New Jersey under Custom Gaming LLC. Since we have been in business, we’ve shipped countless controllers and have had hundreds of thousands of satisfied customers all over the world. Geniusmods has a staff of over 20 full time employees, and is constantly expanding. We are currently occupying three offices in Millburn, NJ.
Our Values
Customer support is our strong point here at Geniusmods. Other controller modding companies will sell you shoddy controllers, often with cheap knockoff parts, and programs that do not work with the latest games. Since we have been modding controllers for so many years, we’ve developed the best possible program to provide a unique gaming experience. We offer a one year warranty on all controllers we sell, should anything go wrong. We understand that modded controllers are not cheap, and we ensure that your purchase will be covered. We only modify genuine, brand new Microsoft and Sony controllers. We believe that your controller should be built to the best possible quality, which is why we have three different technicians test the controllers prior to being shipped.
Our Packaging
Our competitors will throw your controller in a box or envelope and ship it off to you. We made the investment to develop our own custom Geniusmods packaging. For our shipping, we take this package, wrap it in bubble wrap, then put it in a box that has a crush rating of 200lbs to ensure that your controller will arrive in tact.
Why Should you Order From Us?
Geniusmods is a company out of Maplewood, NJ that specialize in creating modded Xbox and Playstation 3 controllers. If you are new to the world of modded controllers, you may be asking…”What is a modded controller?”

Modding controllers is essentially customizing a specific piece of hardware or software to the user’s liking. In the case of modded controllers, these customizations can either be purely aesthetic or include some type of hardware modification to give advantage over the original model. As for GeniusMods, our modded controllers can be purchased from our website include the best of both worlds.

Our modded controllers for the Xbox 360 and Ps3 are stunning to look at. Expert craftsmanship and detail is applied to over 50 different styles of controller available for purchase. Categories include custom colors (solids), graphical overlays, limited editions, and even controllers with LED lights added internally. Some of Xbox’s best games also make an appearance under the original designs section of our modded controllers.

We Always Choose Quality over Quantity
As mentioned before, modded controllers aren’t just about the looks. At Geniusmods we know that the person on the couch next to you may not be able to take their eyes off your new digi-camo Xbox 360 modded controller, but the person you are competing with online is a lot more interested in winning the match. With the fastest rapid fire on the market, opponents will never know what hit them. Our modded controllers feature 10 mode, MAXFIRE and Geniusmods even includes an instructional videos on their website for those who may not be familiar with rapid fire.

Maybe you already have a controller, and would like to save cost by creating your own personalized modded controller yourself? Geniusmods even goes to that extra mile, providing a section on their website where you can purchase controller shells to install on your own. In addition to the shells, you can also buy custom button sets, accented controller parts (such as analog sticks and D-pads), and even the special screwdriver needed to disassemble the Xbox controller. When you combine all of these options, it shouldn’t be hard to make that unique controller that you’ve always dreamed about.

Geniusmods In The News

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To all of you, from all of us at Geniusmods - Thank you and Happy Gaming!

Tim Erven, CEO