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Genius Mods has a very simple goal which is to provide gamers with a custom modded PS4 controller and Xbox One controller that is specifically designed for them. You can rest assured knowing that every custom modded controller we provide is completely customized to your needs, from the paddles to the keys to the mods, you control everything or choose from one from of our extensive inventory of controllers. All our custom modded controllers with our own unique mods as well as multi mod packages, all wrapped up in a stylish design to meet the aesthetic and technical needs of players that want to standout and gain the competitive edge. Dedication to Quality To make our custom modded controllers the first step we take is acquire original Xbox One and PS4 controllers from retailers which is a key reason why they look completely new. Unlike our competitors we don’t just want your money, we want your satisfaction. We firmly believe a happy buyer is a buyer that will spend more on their next purchase which is exactly why we make sure our custom Xbox One controllers and custom PS4 Controllers are made only the finest materials and products available. Dedication To Innovation We design and make our custom modded controllers with unmatched precision and care to make sure that we make every controller the best modded controller we can make. Unlike our competitors we don’t just continuously keep repeating the same designs or pushing out different controllers with the same mods, we innovate and improve every day. Our Xbox One modded controller with trigger stops are designed to provide you with the fastest reaction time in FPS games as well as having the option to enable a variety of mods which include the Drop Shit Mod and we’re always working on bringing you the latest modded controllers in the shortest time! Why Buy Genius Mod Controllers? Why you should choose us is simple, unlike our competitors we truly do care which is why we provide a 2 year warranty on all paddles our modded controller’s use and a whole years warranty for each controller we sell. Unlike our competitors, we don’t charge you insanely high repair charges or keep you waiting days for your delivery and repairs. If you’re someone that: • Wants the competitive edge to consistently rank higher in eSport games or tournaments • Wants to add a bit more class to your controller • Wants to increase controller performance and usability with some small additions • Wants to win and look fabulous while doing so Then you can rest assured knowing we have the Xbox One and PS4 custom modded controllers to make it happen!