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Pro Gaming Series (Paddles, ect)

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If you are a competitive gamer, this category is for you! Here we offer a number of options that are engineered for the pros. Most tournaments allow use of our controllers, please verify with the tournament organizer beforehand. Each MLG event has different equipment rules, but our controllers can be used at their events.
  • Geniusmods Signature PS4 Elite Controller
    Our signature Custom PS4 Elite Controller is designed to give you the competitive edge to win! This PS4 Elite Controller is configurable with various options ranging from skin color to various mods to improve your game, but it comes standard with high quality paddles! We let you build your own ps4 controller the way you want and customize it to your heart’s content! Our paddles are made of a durable plastic that will not break, your paddles will click for as long as you have the controller, guaranteed. If your paddles ever stop clicking, or they snap, send it back to us and we will replace them. This controller also has a rubberized Geniusmods green front shell for superior grip during intense gameplay.

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