Geniusmods Modded Controller Buyers Guide

Selecting a modded controller to purchase can be an overwhelming process due to the vast variety of styles and mod types available. This guide will help you in selecting which mod will best suite your needs based on the games you play. 


Xbox 360 Modded Controller Buyer's Guide:

At Geniusmods, we offer controllers that cator to any gamer's needs. Other companies will make you purchase mods individually which can become quite costly. We have developed four different types of controller modification levels that are packed with mods that will suite your needs. When making a purchase, you will see radio buttons under the controller's photo

Mod Selection

The radio buttons indicate which mod type you will receive on the controller. Depending on your budget and your needs, you can select whichever will suite you.

No Mod (Cosmetic Only): If you are looking to receive a controller that does not have any rapid fire or other performance enhancing mods, you will receive a controller that looks identical to the photo but does not have any mods installed. Some of our non-modded controllers will feature some performance enhancing devices, such as trigger stops, but will not have a mod chip installed. If you do not play any first person shooting (FPS) games, this will suite your needs.

GM Pro: The GM Pro is our entry level mod, which features 10 modes of pre-programmed rapid fire. The 10 modes have pre sets that are set to the fastest possible speeds for Call of Duty (includes all games in the COD series), Gears of War (includes all games in the GOW series), and Halo (includes all games in the Halo series). If you play first person shooters and are looking to only shoot faster, this would be a good selection for you. Each mode is programmable, meaning you can adjust the speed if you wish. The Call of Duty, Gears of War, and Halo modes are already set to the fastest possible speeds allowable by those games, but if you are playing a game other than those series you can adjust the programming to work with whichever game you are playing. The programmable mode is also useful because it allows you to program the rapid fire for any future game releases as well. The GM Pro features burst mode which will fire a set number of bullets when you pull the trigger (the number of bullets is also programmable). You can also adjust rapid fire to be enabled on the left or right trigger. 

GM Elite: The GM Elite is our mid-level mod. It contains all the rapid fire features that the GM Pro has to offer, but also three additional add on mods including jitter, drop shot, and auto-aim. All three additional mod functions are designed to work with the Call of Duty series. In particular, drop shot is useful in the Call of Duty series because it helps you to evade enemy fire. When used in conjunction with rapid fire, it will provide you with a superior advantage over your competitor. The drop shot in the GM Elite only works with a default control setup in the game, if you use a tactical setup drop shot will not work. However, our GM Master Mod offers the ability to configure a tactical control setup for drop shot.

GM Master Mod: If you are a hardcore gamer, the GM Master Mod is the mod for you. The GM Master Mod features all the functions of the GM Pro and GM Elite, but adds on several additional add-on mods. It includes features that will further assist you in games, particularly Call of Duty. These features include quickscope, mimic, jump shot, and much more. These functions will aid you in Call of Duty to further assist you in both evading enemy fire and shooting faster than the competition. Each add on mod features sub-modes as well that can be adjusted to your liking. For instance, there are multiple versions of jitter mode, as well as jump shot and drop shot. For instance, you can adjust what happens when you perform a drop shot (whether you stand back up immediately, whether you drop shot when aiming down your sights, and much more). To read more about these features, see the product listing which goes into much more detail, or view our instruction manual by clicking here. The GM Master Mod also contains additional mods for games other than Call of Duty, including Battlefield Auto-Spotting and Gears of War Perfect Active Reloads. 


Below you will find a table that compares the features included in each of the mod types offered:

Mod Description

Enhancing your game further:

In addition to offering these exclusive mods, Geniusmods also offers a wide variety of color styles. When hovering over the Xbox 360 tab in the navigation menu, you will see various categories that cator to different styles of shells. We offer chrome, matte, glossy, graphic, and illuminating designs. In addition to the design aspect of the controller, there are other categories that offer different components that can aid your gameplay.

Trigger Stops: We have a category page dedicated to controllers that come with trigger stops pre-installed. Trigger stops will make contact with the backplate of the shell, so that when you pull the trigger to shoot you do not need to pull the trigger in all the way. Even though the trigger is not pulled all the way, you will still fire in Call of Duty and Gears of War as these games do not require you to depress the trigger completely to fire. Since the trigger stops allow you to shoot without pulling the trigger all the way, you are physically able to shoot much faster than someone who is pulling the trigger completely to shoot. This will improve your game regardless of whether or not you are using a mod, but if you do have a mod installed on your controller you will truly be unstoppable. Trigger stops can be easily removed, so if you are playing a game that requires you to depress the trigger all the way you may do so.

Lightweight Controllers: We also have a category of controllers that have had the rumble packs removed, to drastically reduce weight. Throughout the many years we have been in business, we have discovered that many gamers prefer a controller that is lighter, and we have found that rumble packs account for a large portion of the controller's weight. Removing them creates a noticable weight reduction.

Transforming D-pad: One of the on going complaints of the Xbox 360 controller has been the lack of a responsive d-pad. Microsoft reacted to this problem by releasing controllers that contained a d-pad that can be rotated to adjust the height and position of the d-pad. We offer several controllers with this d-pad installed to give you a more accurate d-pad button.