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  • Will the Nintendo Switch continue to live up to the hype?

    Since its launch, a short while ago, Nintendo Switch has been rated the fastest selling Nintendo console ever. If we do a ‘pros and cons’ comparison for it we see that it has both of them present, and this has people believing that even though the sales have been amazing the Nintendo Switch might not perform as well as we hope it would.

    For starters the Nintendo switch has a lack of online gaming and the users will only have to stick with locally playable games. But this point isn’t strong enough to prove it to be Nintendo’s last console. Let’s take a closer look at what the Nintendo Switch had to offer.


    When we heard that Nintendo switch would be a proper hybrid gaming console, we were all very excited but we clearly didn’t think about how long the battery would last and how powerful a portable console could be. Hoping that one console will be able to give us the joy of portable gaming along with a proper home console gaming, but this excitement didn’t last long when we got a full look at the specs. The Nintendo switch is pretty weak in comparison to PS4 or Xbox One hardware. Nintendo switch plays games at only 720p when used in the portable mode and 1080p when used at home connected to a dock.

    The second major reason which drags downs Switch’s appeal is that it comes with a built in 32GB internal memory only which means that we’ll have to buy external memory cards to store more games. This brings us to one of the biggest problems with the Nintendo switch, accessories for the Nintendo switch aren’t an option, they’re necessary to buy. If you want to have fun on the Nintendo Switch, then buying more accessories is a must.


    Nintendo has introduced its joy-cons with the Nintendo switch and they look and perform amazingly well. Playing games like Mario kart and Legend of Zelda are going to be a pleasure to play with the joy-cons attached, although playing games like Skyrim aren’t going to be that much fun in our opinion. A fun thing about the joy-cons is that they can be held in a number of ways which vary from game to game, but FPS games or the games that require excessive controlling options are not a good match for the Nintendo Switch’s joy-cons.

    The joy-cons feature HD rumbles according to which Nintendo says,”Will make our players feel every touch, spin and turn exactly the way it was meant.”


    Nintendo Switch doesn’t prove to be a reliable option for replacing PS4 or Xbox One. Nintendo switch is far behind them in the terms of hardware, processing power, graphics and gaming diversity. The Nintendo Switch was introduced to tackle the console market in an inventive way but because of its mobile friendly Nvidia Tegra GPU the graphics and the processor of the Nintendo switch are a no match in front of a PS4 or Xbox One. But Nintendo switch plays Legends of Zelda at 1080p with 60fps when docked and 720p with 30fps when in mobile mode, this is a mind changer and tells us that we might want to wait and see how other games work out on the console. Waiting and being patient is highly advised before buying a Nintendo switch.

    So Why Are People Buying The Nintendo Switch?

    So far the Nintendo switch has been giving a positive feedback from the market, but the real question is that will the people be willing to buy it in the future too? This successful launch might not be the only thing needed to make the Switch a successful gaming console, and by looking at the way the things are going it may be possible that things might go opposite to our expectations.

    One can easily tell that the major reason that Nintendo Switch has managed to Sell as Much Consoles as It Has Is because of Legend of Zelda: Breath of The Wild. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of The Wild is one of the finest games to come out in recent years.

    The Story

    Legend of Zelda: Breath of The Wild follows a strong narrative in which our hero link wakes up from his slumber after hundreds of years only to find the land over taken by Ganon. As Link you’re tasked with the job of stopping Ganon and saving prices Zelda. The characters are well developed and the story is both impactful and filled with existing moments to retain interest regardless of how many times you’ve played through it.

    An Open World Experience

    In Legend of Zelda: Breath of The Wild you don’t simply follow a step by step mission line but rather are completely free to do whatever you want. From the very start you have the full freedom to charge to Hyrule Castle as soon as you get out of the initial stage but it’s highly recommended that you don’t try that since you’ll only end up dying. There’s no one forcing you to do something you don’t want or take part in any unnecessary side quests that are absolutely necessary to finish the game.

    In every meaning of the word, Legend of Zelda: Breath of The Wild provides you with a game that is completely free of any restrictions. The world of Legend of Zelda: Breath of The Wild is developed exceptionally well. Everything from towers to shrines and even enemy camps are well placed to make the experience much more enjoyable and immersive.

    The Combat & Mechanics

    Nintendo didn’t spare any effort in making the Legend of Zelda: Breath of The Wild a stunning game. The ways you can interact with the environment are completely amazing. From everything to climbing mountains to grass being cut when you swing your sword, the details to the mechanics and graphics are stunning. Unlike most RPG level based games you soon become strong enough that the game pretty much becomes boring and stops being a challenge. What makes Legend of Zelda: Breath of The Wild standout is the fact that by the time you reach the end you’ll still have plenty of strong enemies and situations that will give you a run for your money. Though the weapon durability is an annoying aspect of the game but one that definitely adds more variety to it.

    Legend of Zelda: Breath of The Wild is by far one of the key reasons people bought the Switch. It is estimated that 90% of people that bought the switch also bought Legend of Zelda. But what happens after people have had their fill of Legend of Zelda: Breath of The Wild?

    What Does The Future Hold For The Nintendo Switch?

    One of the biggest issues with the Nintendo switch is that there is a really less number of games available with the Nintendo switch at the launch. The major reason that the people are buying the console is to play Legends of Zelda and after that there isn’t much to the Nintendo switch to keep people entertained with console, this is no doubt a thing the buyers should be worried about.

    In the future even if more games are introduced for the Nintendo Switch, Nintendo switch still wouldn’t be a wise replacement option for the PS4 or Xbox One or your gaming PC. The only thing that attracts us to the Nintendo switch is the first party games and apart from that the Nintendo switch doesn’t have much to offer.

    The Nintendo switch was created in an inventive way to feature handheld gaming plus home gaming, but due to the Nvidia GPU the processing power, the graphics and other specs are nothing in front of consoles like PS4, Xbox One and a gaming PC.

    The chances of high end games for the Nintendo switch from the 3rd party game developer companies are really scarce, plus, the little number of games currently available for the console isn’t going be enough for the Nintendo switch to be taken as a primary gaming console.

    So far the reviews and all the feedback of the Nintendo switch have a number of positive and negative points but when the players are done playing Legend of Zelda, then the future of the Nintendo switch will be decided. Sadly there has not been any news so far of even a single AAA title games launching on the Nintendo Switch from third party game developers. If 3rd party developers don’t start releasing some AAA title on the Nintendo Switch soon chances are it will end up like the Xbox One or like Nintendo Wii U. As of first party games the Nintendo switch is scheduled for 3 big titles launching in 2017, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, Mario Kart Odyssey and Splatoon 2.

  • Resident Evil 7: Bio Hazard

    Resident Evil 7: Bio Hazard is out and we can’t stop playing it with our custom PS4 controllers. Playing Resident Evil 7: Bio Hazard with the lights off with my very own custom Xbox One Controller and custom PS4 controller definitely adds a bit more to the overall atmosphere.

    Finally after years of disappoint since Resident Evil 4, Resident Evil feel likes the good old Resident Evil we remember but at the same times feels likes something completely new that we have never seen before which just might be the reason for its success. But after all the changes what made the game so damn good after what seemed like the end of the series? Let’s find out.

    The Bold Move To FPS

    When you think about this something that’s really hard to accomplish considering how the series was thought to be dead after Resident Evil 6. Resident Evil 7 finally brings the game back to its roots. That is filled with horror, action and genuine intrigue that will have you coming back for more every time. Many people were skeptical when Capcom decided to change the traditional 3rd person view for the Resident Evil games to first person to cater to the growing VR industry but after having a go at it I can say for certain that the FPS gameplay only makes the experience a whole lot more enjoyable. Considering how well this made it look on VR it definitely had a big part in the success of Resident Evil 7: Bio Hazard.

    The Scarce? The Hopelessness? The Realism?

    Unlike the previous installments of the Resident Evil series you aren’t just seeing the character through a third eye but rather through the eyes of Ethan the protagonist of the game who has to battle the Bakers to save his girlfriend, Mia. From the very star Resident Evil 7 manages to establish a sense of helplessness that greatly aids in establishing an environment and atmosphere that has the players jumping from their seats at the slightest of sound. But don’t misunderstand, all that changes once you progress through a bit of the game and finally get a gun in your hand. Then it’s time to shoot zombies in the while you run, scourge and look in scary places to find spare bits of ammo that are scarcely distributed throughout the game. At first, Resident Evil 7 may look a lot like outlast and Amnesia but in truth is still feels like the same old Resident Evil games we fell in love with. Another new updates to the gameplay is crafting. As the game progresses you’ll find items that you will be able to use to craft ammo, health kits and other items.

    The Graphics & Sound

    Resident Evil 7 is probably one of the few games that take full advantage of tech in new gen consoles to deliver a truly visually appealing game experience that feels unique yet beautiful. Resident Evil 7 provides PS4 Pro support with full 4K and HDR that further adds to the games already gorgeous textures and graphics. Once I started playing Resident Evil 7 on the PC at 4K and 60fps I was truly stunned at how slick and smooth the movements and graphics were. The candles flicker in the dark with an intensity and motion that is seldom seen in games like The Witcher 3.

    Besides the gorgeous graphics Resident Evil 7 manages to get another thing right, the sounds. Unlike other horror games, Resident Evil 7 doesn’t rely on jump scares but rather builds up the moment and delivers a scare with careful build up while retaining the atmosphere of fear throughout the game which is accomplished through Resident Evil 7’s amazing sound. I’m walking down a corridor, the music starts picking up making me believe that something is going to happen – but nothing happens – and then it does.

    The Amazing VR

    Resident Evil 7 is a terrifying game even without the VR so imagine how much the fright facto increases when you are really there? A LOT! As I was playing Resident Evil 7: Biohazard I sat on the couch, moved my neck, took in the atmosphere got up, and in the next 2 or 3 minutes I was yelling my guts out. This game in VR is not for the faint of heart, Resident Evil 7: Biohazard doesn’t try to go be excessively scary or focus on the survival aspects of the game, it just somehow finds the perfect blend for us to enjoy. It’s the first game on VR which actually lasts more than a couple of hours and feels like a complete game with a story.

    So What Worked?

    From the VR to the graphics to the sound, Resident Evil 7 managed to get a lot right but what made the game stand out was surely the vast variety and the fact that no one had any hopes for the Resident Evil series. Since no one had any hopes or were even sure whether they’re would be another Resident Evil game which gave the creators all the freedom they needed to reinvent the game to meet the standards of modern survival/horror games. It is first person instead of third, the cast is much smaller as compared to the hordes in previous games and somehow manages to feel like a Resident Evil game without being a Resident Evil game!

    If you’re someone who still hasn’t had the chance to play Resident Evil 7, we highly recommend you give it a shot and with our custom PS4 controllers and Xbox One controllers you can make the frightening experience of playing Resident Evil 7 all the more enjoyable.

  • Will there be a PS4 Elite Controller?

    Custom mod controllers are a great way to play games of almost any kind. Custom Xbox One Controllers and Custom PS4 Controllers have proven to enhance the way you perform while playing since they are custom made controllers for you! Especially Custom PlayStation 4 Controllers that are made to supplement the lack of a PS4 Elite Controller. It’s been over 3 years since the PS4 came out and even after the release of the PS4 Pro an upgraded version of the PlayStation 4, there was no news about a PS4 Elite Controller which many fans have been waiting for. Why Sony hasn’t released its own PS4 Elite Controller like the Xbox One Elite controller is a great mystery that no one can understand. As far as demand for a PS4 Elite Controller is concerned countless fans of the brand have made it abundantly clear that they most definitely want a PS4 Elite Controller.

    Why The Xbox One Elite Controller Was A Great Idea

    The Xbox One Elite Controller is one of the best gaming controllers on the market. It wouldn’t be a stretch to say that the Xbox One Elite Controller sold better than the actual Xbox One Console but does that justify the $150 price? Make no mistake, Xbox One Elite Controller is probably the best controller Microsoft ever made but with the price tag of $150 it becomes a luxury most cannot afford even if they wanted to. Xbox One Elite Controller feels great in-hands even though it’s heavier than the original controller. The grippy finish helps a lot when playing under pressure and the design look great. The best part about the Xbox One Elite Controller and the part most PS4 fans want are the loads of customization options. Xbox One Elite Controller improves upon the original controller in every way but unfortunately there hasn’t been any drop in the $150 price tag which leads to people looking for an alternative to Xbox One Elite Controller.

    If Sony were to release an Elite version of the PS4 gamepad there will be more than enough people willing to buy. But due to the lack of any upcoming release or response from Sony, people now have to turn to Custom Controller Companies to make Elite or Customizable versions of the controllers so people can get that competitive edge that comes along with an Elite controller but more than often these companies use low quality materials that break rather soon.

    Alternative Elite Controllers

    Custom Controller Companies like SCUF have been making custom gaming pads for the gaming scene for some time, yet Microsoft apparently conveyed the business to the front line when they released their Xbox Elite Controllers. SCUF INFINITY 1 is an alternative to the Xbox One Elite Controller made by Scuf Gaming. While SCUF takes part in the Xbox One's Elite controller, the two brands still have particularly impressive gamepad. The greatest obstacle for moving up to an enhanced gamepad will be the price. In case regardless you're classing yourself as a "casual gamer", a controller that is over the £100 stamp may appear like a gigantic waste of money.

    SCUF Infinity 1 vs Xbox One Elite Controller

    Be that as it may, the more hardcore and professional gamers among us will agree that this is an affordable price that they can [ay to game the way they want. The Xbox One Elite Controller retails for £129.99 RRP, yet it's demonstrating somewhat hard to get your hands on, with most retailers right now sold out or with limited stock. The SCUF Infinity 1 evaluating is somewhat more confounded. Prices begin at £95.99 for the essential highly contrasting versions, yet once you begin customizing and modifying the Infinity 1, prices can come to an elevated £202.50 on the off chance that you go for every one of the extravagant accessories. Those accessible without personalization are priced at a maximum of £127.99. One would assume that the SCUF Infinity 1 due to its higher price tag will be superior in terms of design and quality, right? Well, the SCUF Infinity 1 does look better but the quality is incomparable to Microsoft’s Elite Controller. A friend of mine, who happens to an e-sports athlete, got both the Xbox One Elite Controller and SCUF Infinity 1, I was pleasantly surprised to find the SCUF Infinity 1 was by far the more stylish and customizable option but unfortunately that wasn’t all I found. The quality of the SCUF Infinity 1 was visibly lacking, the paddles seemed like small pieces of plastic with no cushioning and broke every second week. Naturally, for someone that wants the competitive edge while gaming that wouldn’t be too bad but when you are being charged $60 and a whole weeks times for the repair or replacements you’ll want to stick to the official releases due to their higher quality and better customer care.

    Will PS4 Ever Get An Elite Controller? Are There Any High Quality Alternatives?

    From what we’ve gathered the chances of there being an official Elite Controller from Sony are almost impossible during the life of the PS4. Considering Sony is willing to license 3rd party controllers for the PS4, it’s safe to assume Sony has no plans on releasing an Elite version of their gamepad. A couple of new 3rd-party controllers have been announced for the PS4 that take after the Xbox One's exceptional Elite controller. Be that as it may, their release hasn’t been confirmed for North America as of yet.

    Razer Raiju

    New controllers from Razer and Nacon were each reported on Germany's PlayStation Blog. Both are said to be focused toward professional gamers and the esports scene, however they'll be useful to anybody searching for a contrasting option to existing controller alternatives. The Razer Raiju includes more than a couple of similitudes with the Elite controller. It has two additional shoulder buttons and two back triggers, which can be removed. A hair-trigger choice permits you pull the triggers faster resulting in maximum input speed, and you can flip between two profiles. These let you redo unspecified parts of the controller, which apparently will incorporate characterizing what the additional shoulder buttons and triggers do. At long last, the Raiju highlights a 3.5 mm headset jack with incorporated controls (for muting and changing the volume) and rubber tops on the analog sticks that can be removed.

    Nacon Revolution Pro

    The Nacon Revolution Pro offers an alternate take; most prominently, it flips the position of the left analog stick and d-pad to resemble the Xbox One’s asymmetric design even more. Similarly, it includes four shortcut keys, an eight-way d-pad, and precise analog sticks. It allows up to 4 profiles for remapping controls, designing shortcuts, and setting the sensitivity of the analog sticks.

    Best Alternative for PS4 Elite Controller?

    Between the highly customizable Custom Controller Companies and the 3rd party licensed controllers finding a PS4 controller to compare with the Xbox One Elite Controller can be somewhat difficult. Custom Controllers Companies like Scuf gaming, Evil Controllers and Moddedzone provide great customizations options and amazing styles but aren’t backed by any official warranty and tend to break down sooner than later, which are followed by expensive prices for repairs and even more waiting. On the other hand are 3rd party licensed controllers that are hardly ever available and lack the style customization options that many Custom Controller Services have as well as being extremely expensive like the Xbox One Elite Controller.

    What you need is a Custom PS4 Elite Controller that is made with high quality materials, designed by professionals and comes with a life time warranty – which to be fair us unheard of in the Custom Controller business. We are here to offer you exactly that! Unlike 3rd party licensed controllers our Custom Controllers are well priced, readily available and highly customizable down to the last button; and unlike other Custom Controller Companies we don’t charge our clients with unreasonable repair costs and time. Why do only we offer a life time warranty and why no other Custom Controller Company? Simple, because we know you’ll never need it! The controllers we provide are guaranteed to last you a life time, the buttons will always click the way they did when you first got it, the analog stick will always be as smooth when you first moved it and in case you find any issues, we will fix it or replace the controller free of any cost! Unless, you throw the controller in a wall while playing Dark Souls or any other game, then we aren’t responsible but for everything else, you can be confident that we’ll have your back!


    I wrote a previous blog post where I wanted to announce our new policy of a lifetime warranty on PS4 paddles. I digressed and it sort of became a rant about my experience in the gaming industry, which has been heavy throughout the years, providing hundreds of thousands of controllers to gamers, helping gamers in need, and creating dream jobs for our crew.

    Since I got off topic in my last post, I wanted to focus on our new policy initiated today, which to most people would probably sound crazy as most companies either aren't confident enough in their product, or simply want to milk the customer who already patronized their customer for more money after a product broke within a short period of time.

    Geniusmods has developed a system of reflex paddles that are far superior to any of the others we have tested in the market. We get emails daily from customers of other companies who purchased a controller from there, only to be disappointed after pieces broke and the company would not honor the repair, or wanted money to fix their mistake/shoddy product. Whenever we are at LANs, gamers come to us for help in resolving issues from controllers they got from other companies, and we are more than happy to help even though they did not buy the controller from us. We are a community after all.

    We hear stories such as mods that stop working after a few days, controllers with buttons that stick, drifting thumbsticks, paddles that snap, or simply stop clicking after only a brief time of using the controller. These are all issues that should not occur in a piece of equipment that is not exactly cheap. At Geniusmods, we consider ourselves to be priced much lower than the competition while offering more features and higher quality products, many of which are made right here in the US with the highest grade equipment and materials. We want you to be happy with your controller, and if something were to go wrong we stand by it. If you buy a controller and a paddle snaps after a few weeks and you are charged for a new paddle, that simply is not fair. Sure the consumer should assume some of the responsibility in the event of accidental damage. If you rage quit and throw your controller at a wall and it stops working, it isn't the companies fault who sold it to you. Businesses have expenses, we have rent, utilities, payroll, R&D, engineering, expensive equipment that takes a long time to receive a positive ROI on. We struggle too. But we care about the customer after they decide to patronize us and purchase a controller from us. Even if you do rage quit and throw your controller against the wall, we will work with you. Maybe it will mean charging for simply our cost of parts and labor, we break even to offer you a fair resolution, but you aren't out the money you paid for your controller.

    Simply put, controllers should last. That is why we include a one year warranty on all controllers we sell, with the option of the two year warranty. However, after hearing about so many broken paddles and unresponsive paddles, and actually having customers of other companies send them to us to fix because the place they bought it from is unresponsive or wants to charge and arm and a leg for damage that was due to a manufacturer defect, we have decided that our paddles will include a lifetime warranty until further notice. Our warranty on the controllers themselves stays the same (one year warranty on the controller and mods included for free, option to purchase a 2 year warranty for $9.99 on any controller). We believe this policy is more than fair - if anyone has thoughts on it, I am open to hearing opinions, thoughts, and having discussions about policies like coverage. We are fair in helping our customers keep up with regular maintenance from normal use of their controller. For example, if you have a controller for three years and the rubber on your thumbsticks wears out, we will sell you a pair of thumbsticks at a reasonable price ($2-3). We aren't making money (after postage, labor, ect). We are just doing a common courtesy, you did us a solid by choosing to buy a controller from us and spend your hard earned money, so we will help you when you are in need.

    But what we find ridiculous is manufacturer faults that companies as of lately have been charging customers who just spent a good amount of money on a controller to fix, when it wasn't the customer's fault at all. If we make a mistake, we own up to it. Nothing in this world is perfect. Sure it is possible one of our paddles may break, but if you already spent the money on one of our controllers, we aren't going to make you pay more for something that may not be your fault. It just isn't fair.

    Our paddles will continue to maintain shape, stay strong, and actually continue to click just as if they were brand new, even after heavy use. We put a lot of effort into ensuring that we provide this great experience to our customers, but we want you to know that we have your back. If something goes wrong, no need to panic as we will replace your paddles, or give you a tune up, 100% free of charge. We want you to keep gaming and using our products and spreading the word about them, let's continue to revolutionize this industry with the latest technologies and support each other, you buying controllers helps us keep our dream jobs in this industry, and your support for us will be repaid by providing superior products, and continue to support that product for as long as you have it.

    Game on - join the Geniusmods family and we will treat you like family by providing affordable and quality products with continued support even after the transaction. Keep the community alive and spread the word that our new PS4 controllers are not only insanely awesome, but they are affordable, and once you buy one controller you are set as we will continue to support that purchase. As a consumer myself I have seen the deceptive practices of even large companies that report billions in profits. Only to lose my money after a product breaks and is not supported within reason. Geniusmods is here to innovate and keep the progression of gaming alive.

    Be sure to follow us on social media and get engaged in discussion! We love hearing from you guys


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    Or join our live chat which is on usually for about 15 hours a day and let us know what you would like to see change in the industry and we will try to make your vision a reality.


    Thank you for listening,

    Tim Erven


    I don't hide behind corporate walls. Have a concern? Contact me directly (remove spaces) tim @, I will do my best to reply as quickly as possible!

  • A message from the CEO - What sets us apart from everyone else

    Paddles on controllers are nothing new, people have been remapping buttons and switching around controller configurations and such since the 8 bit days. But now due to the growth of e-sports and competitive gaming, particularly with FPS games like Call of Duty, Battlefield, Gears of War, ect, the need for enhanced dexterity seems to be at an all time high.

    Geniusmods has attended several large competitive events and offered controller modifications and repair right on the spot. Our number one seller? Repairing other companies controllers where something broke and the company refuses to honor their warranty. Or they simply keep breaking and the gamer gets so frustrated and having us standing next to them in person, showing them how these modifications work and why they keep breaking, and how we are improving them, gives them peace of mind.


    This is separate from the controller warranty itself. Obviously controllers don't last forever, we give a one year warranty (better than most companies) with the option of a 2 year warranty. If something is wrong, even if its from normal wear and tear, we fix it or replace it. Free of charge, no questions asked. Obviously there are limits, if you get frustrated after losing a game of Search and Destroy and decide to throw your controller into the wall and hit it with a sledge hammer, we can't really help you there as not much would be salvageable, but being an honest company that has been in the business longer than most, we are still willing to help even in those dire situations. We appreciate repeat business and would gladly hook a returning customer up with a new controller to replace the one they smashed after rage quitting, usually offering a controller at a cost of simply parts and labor.

    Friendly competition is healthy in business, but it can be discouraging in this particular industry to hear about those who have been ripped off. They will pay over inflated prices (such as paying $250 for a controller with a huge mark up, where we would charge an honest price and maybe charge $100 for the same exact controller, even with more features).

    I digress, this holiday season we were contacted by a lot of parents who had purchased controllers elsewhere for their kids, only to be disappointed that they only lasted a few days, or were DOA, and that the company would not honor a return, or would charge for a repair. We strive to provide the best quality products we can. Mistakes do happen, and when they do we assume responsibility, it is a cost of doing business. If we make an error, or a controller arrives with a problem such as shipping damage, we will gladly cover all expenses to get that replaced, and even add some freebies and upgrades for the inconvenience and disappointment of anticipating a new controller in the mail, only to not be able to use it when it arrives. What happened to true, honest companies that put customers before profits?

    Anyway, I am not sure how long this promotion will last, but we are offering a LIFETIME warranty on all PS4 paddle controllers. Our paddles have extensive engineering to ensure that they can flex when needed, but will only break if you actually try to break it and rip it off. In our testing, we have yet to see a paddle snap, or even show any signs of wearing down. Our proprietary remapping equipment also provides a stable click with your paddle. Whenever we have attended LANs or large gaming events, we are inundated by gamers who come to us to repair controllers that they spent a fortune on from other sites. We come to the rescue and help whenever we can, but it is disappointing to see that some companies just simply don't care, or will put out an inferior product.

    Regarding the terms of the lifetime warranty, it is on the paddles themselves. The actually controller itself includes a one year warranty on all controller functions, including mod functions, with the option of extending it to two years. In our 10 years of modding controllers, we have had some customers come back years later and the controllers are still solid as a rock even with daily use. Occasionally we will see a controller have an issue when it is outside warranty, but our philosophy is that our customers matter and we will help them. Without you guys, our team wouldn't be able to do what we love and constantly revolutionize gaming over and over and be around video games every day, and earn a living from it. For instance, I received an email from a customer a few weeks ago. They opted for the one year warranty and the warranty had expired by just a few weeks. I won't leave that customer in the dark. Without our loyal fans and customers, we would be nothing, and the past 10 years of Geniusmods has been nothing but a dream job for me, the owner. Anyway, I took care of that customer and fixed their issue despite it being out of warranty. Each situation is different obviously, but we are here to help.

    I just realized that in this blog I am ranting again.. so back to the lifetime paddle warranty. If a paddle breaks, or if when you press the paddle it doesn't click like it used to, for as long as you own that controller (even if you bought it from one of our vendors or as a used controller on eBay or something of the sort), we still have your back. You can send the controller to us and we will replace the paddles, or even the full controller if necessary, or we will send you a DIY paddle kit. We install our paddles where they can easily be adjusted and removed with a simple phillips head screwdriver. If you want to change the stiffness, you can tighten or loosen the screws and adjust it to your liking.

    The gaming community is a family, and we should all be working together to enjoy this excellent technology we have in front of us. Often times I see too much greed, or grudges in the gaming industry. We all have a common interest and want to enjoy this hobby. I can't even count how many controllers my team has repaired at a deeply discounted price, when the controller was purchased from another company. If its something simple like a quick fix or a cheap part, we won't even charge. We aren't out to gouge the customer, you are fellow gamers like the Geniusmods team and we want to continue to supply you with the latest technology and greatest gear at a fair price, this is a symbiotic relationship.

    When you buy from Geniusmods, you can buy with confidence. We are only human, we make mistakes, but we have a team of hard working individuals who love their job and put all their effort into building, designing, engineering, and supporting the latest technology to further the gaming community. During busy holiday seasons, we've worked 100 hour weeks just to make sure everyone has their controllers for the holidays if we promise delivery by then. And just like we show respect to our customers, our employees are treated with compassion and I've often been told that this job at Geniusmods has had a huge impact on their life. Our team is diverse, and we enjoy what we do, our team is compensated fairly so they can sustain a life without stress. How many times do you hear about big box corporations that treat employees as numbers and pay them below the poverty line to the point where that employee is stressed out of their mind? Here we are a family. From the Geniusmods crew, our customers and fans, and the future gamers we will cross paths with.

    I wanted to address an issue we have had lately with our email server, some emails have not been going through and our IT department is working on resolving this issue. If you have made a purchase, we are doing our best to have Live Chat available at least 15-20 hours a day, or if we are offline submit a ticket and someone will get to you within a few hours. Or text us, there have been times that myself, the owner, have been texting customers and answering questions about how to use the controller because a customer is eager to play with their new controller but has questions. When the office is closed, I often forward that line to my personal cell phone and take care of customers. Steve Jobs answered basic email questions despite being the head of Apple - that is how it should be. A great company consists of a team that brings many talents to the table and is able to assume multiple roles where needed, even though I am the owner I will still answer the phone if I am in the office doing paperwork after closing hours. The customer comes first at Geniusmods.

    This blog post about our lifetime paddle warranty ended up being more so a rant about business, community relationships, and doing the right thing. But I felt it was important to get this off my chest after hearing some horror stories of some dishonest companies that have scammed kids who save up money to buy a piece of equipment only to be disappointed, and luckily they come to us where we can provide them the experience they were looking for. I am not tooting my own horn or saying we are the best, but some practices in this industry have led to distrust among modded controller companies. If you have hesitations, ask us questions. We would be happy to explain how our mods work, why our technology is cutting edge, how our warranty works and how we cover you when something goes wrong, and show you evidence of security when shopping so you can ensure that your personal information you enter is safe, and that we accept payments that place no risk on the buyer. If you pay with a credit card on PayPal, or use PayPal balance, they will cover you. We don't use shady merchant processors that will hold onto your money even if you are dissatisfied. We use payment processors where the buyer has protection and the processor will help you recover your money in the event something goes wrong, although we hope that we can resolve it first, you at least have that bid of confidence knowing that your information and money is safe.

    Keep gaming. We love to hear from fans, customers, groups of players, parents, and everyone associated in this community. If you have a concern or want to speak about anything directly without going through a standard CSR, I don't hide my email address, I can be contacted at any time. My email (I will break it apart to prevent bots from picking up my email and spamming me) but it is tim @ My door is always open. I am at Geniusmods 365 days a year and always happy to provide you with support. We aren't one of the run of the mill companies where you contact customer support and have to wait on hold for hours to get a representative who is capable of doing more than reading a prompt. All of CSR staff are fully trained on how to use each of our products, they can answer pretty much any question and escalate an issue if something is wrong as they have more authority than just a run of the mill customer service rep. They don't just answer the phones and read from a prompt that provides no useful or helpful information, they are trained to assist in any circumstance and all have enough experience around Geniusmods to answer the majority of questions, and managerial authority to override something.

    Feel free to email me (address is in the above paragraph) about any concerns, feedback, or suggestions you have. We always love to hear product ideas too, and if you have a custom project that is beyond a conventional controller we would do, we have enough experienced and knowledgeable people here where we can make you a custom order that will suite your needs. No matter how large the project is or how complicated it may seem, we are up for the challenge. Growing up with a disabled brother, it warms my heart to be able to provide equipment for those who want to play video games, but are restricted and cannot play with a conventional controller. We will have our best crew members on the task to accommodate any situation.

    Also, I am not trying to bash any other companies. In fact, Geniusmods has collaborated with competitors in the past. That is how business should be. There is more than enough business to go around and if helping a competitor with something means one more happy gamer, we are there. There are some other great controller companies out there that share the same core values as we do. I will refrain from any names in this post, but lately I have become aware of many practices done by companies in the gaming industry (not just controller companies) and it has me frustrated that is it harming our community which has grown immensely, and I hope it continues to grow and we can provide entertainment and education through gaming.

    Happy gaming! I would love to hear from you guys so feel free to email me, comment here on the blog, message us on Facebook/Twitter, or connect with Live Chat. I check them all and do read all transcripts, and if you reach a different rep just ask for Tim and I would be happy to talk about your thoughts on some of these issues that have been coming up in the shadiness of "pop up" companies trying to make a quick buck. I would love to hear your experiences and hopefully together we can make this community a better place.

    Best Regards,

    Tim Erven


    tim @

  • Did MW Remastered save Infinite Warfare from being a complete disaster?

    If you are a gamer or even slightly involved with any kind of game you definitely must have heard of all the negative backlash the new Call of Duty game received from the community. We at Genius Mods love making custom ps4 controllers and custom Xbox one controllers for Call Of Duty games and even we feel a bit cheated and neglected by how Activision has ignored the wishes of the fans but is that all there is to it? We make our Call of Duty Modded Controllers because we love the game and want you to enjoy it as much as possible which is why we decided to take a closer look at just what made Call Of Duty Infinite Warfare receive so much criticism even when sites like GameSpot (8/10) and IGN (7.7) gave them such high reviews to determine whether you should give the game a chance or not!

    Was Call of Duty Infinite Warfare Really That Bad?

    According to NPD sell-through data sourced by two Wall Street analysts, U.S. physical game sales of "Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare" declined nearly 50 percent in the month of November compared with last year's "Call of Duty: Black Ops III.

    Call of Duty Infinite Warfare has received countless negative feedback from the majority of the gaming community some of which is entirely justified while some is entirely baseless. On the other hand, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is the most iconic and has been fan favorite Call of Duty game for years. So when Activision announced the Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare remastered version the global community could not have been happier but the happiness was very short lived due to it only being purchasable as a set with Call of Duty Infinite Warfare which is safe to say the only reason why Call of Duty Infinite Warfare managed to sell as many copies as it did.

    So Just What Went Wrong?

    Call of Duty Infinite Warfare is by no means a bad game or rather it can pass as a pretty good game which is why gaming sites gave it such high reviews but this is what players and fans have hated the most. Though Call of Duty Infinite Warfare seems like a great game but it just doesn’t feel like a Call of Duty game anymore. Fans loved the down to earth Call of Duty games and Call of Duty Modern Warfare is a prime example due to it still being massively popular everywhere in the world. One look at the comments on any YouTube video or review players simply are tired of Call of Duty games moving away from the roots and rather than adding new unique elements like Battlefield 1 are blatantly copying elements from other space games like Mass Effect and Halo. Over half the criticism that the game accumulated is from the fact that fans are simply tired of the futuristic gameplay elements and want the franchise to go back to its roots of being a story driven, classic war based, FPS game.

    Activision Clearly Ignored What the Fans Want

    Fans have made their stance on the new direction of the COD franchise very clear which is, they really don’t like the futuristic gameplay that they have been getting since Call of Duty Ghosts. Though there is nothing wrong with infinite Warfare but it is clearly something the fans don’t want. Chances are if Infinite Warfare was released as anything but a Call Of Duty game it wouldn’t have gotten even a quarter of the negative feedback it has received.

    The Graphics Suck?!

    The negative backlash for the graphics being horrible is only second to the negative backlash of the futuristic elements. Let it be clear that the entire backlash on the graphics being dull or being horrible in anyway is entirely unbiased but rather Infinite Warfare manages to deliver the finest experience in terms of graphics that the franchise has to offer. The strong colors on offer and sharp detail really add a flare to the game. So why is Call of Duty getting so much backlash for the graphics? Simple, if you’ve seen any comparison between graphics of Infinite Warfare between the PS4, Xbox One and PC you’ll notice that the game falls rather short on the PC whereas it actually looks better on the console versions.

    Many people judged the game of its horrible reveal trailer which showed horrible graphics and shaky gameplay which many people still believe is what the game looks like. Additionally, since Battlefield 1 the major competitor for Infinite Warfare looks so much better on the PC this has resulted in a massive backlash for Infinite Warfare from the PC gamers.

    Horrible Incentive Based Marketing

    As stated above fans were more than happy when the Call of Duty Modern Warfare Remastered Edition was announced. I doubt anyone would complain if they had to pay full price for the game and it would make total sense for the remastered version outselling Infinite Warfare by a wide margin if it was sold separately. See the problem there? Activision certainly did and decided to sell the remastered Modern Warfare version as a package only option with the Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare – Legacy Edition for $79.99 to make sure that the game didn’t become the lowest selling game of the franchise. Activision clearly knew that there was no way that the Infinite Warfare is going to get a warm welcome from fans which led them to adding the Call Of Duty Modern Warfare Remastered Edition as an “incentive” for buying Infinite Warfare which led them to further alienating the fan base and destroying their reliability.


    Call of Duty Infinite Warfare is clearly not a bad game but it is indeed not a good Call of Duty game either. The fans feel alienated are more than annoyed with how Activision coaxed people into buying Infinite Warfare. Hopefully all the negative feedback will compel infinite ward and Activision to change their business model but if you are looking for a good game like Halo or Star Wars or Mass Effect while a good “Call of Duty Game” comes out you can give Infinite Warfare a shot. To help make the most of your experience either playing Call of Duty Modern Warfare Remastered or Infinite Warfare, our custom PS4 controllers and custom Xbox one controllers will definitely enhance your game experience.

  • What is the deal with Pokemon Go?

    I haven't blogged lately and feel like the hysteria Pokemon Go deserves a blog post. Anyway, I am sure you are already aware that Pokemon Go has taken the world by storm. With user stats exceeding prominent social media platforms, it is crazy to think that a Pokemon game would have gained so much popularity so quickly. Personally, I am a Pokemon fan and have been excited about Pokemon Go for a while. To be honest, I was a bit of a late adopter to the game as upon downloading it, I simply didn't get the hype. I'll go over some of my sour grapes, and discuss what I think this means for the gaming industry.

    It is unfortunate that Pokemon Go did not come with any sort of FAQ or instruction. Being a hardcore gamer, I am usually able to pick up a game and run with it. However, Pokemon Go had me asking many questions. Why do I keep running into Pidgeys and Weedles? How do I locate the rare Pokemon? What are these items for? How do you battle and what are gyms for? How do you level up? How do you find stronger Pokemon in the wild? What is a Poke Stop? Am I supposed to just assume I have to swipe to obtain items? After becoming frustrated initially, I put the game down for a bit.

    Luckily, I live in a metropolitan area swarming with Poke Stops and gyms.


    I have gone on many "Poke walks" collecting items. I quickly discovered walking around with Incense and a Lucky Egg led to leveling up and finding Pokemon pretty quickly. But it is always the same generic Pokemon with the occasional rare Pokemon. As I leveled up, I realized I encountered stronger Pokemon in the wild. And I finally unlocked Great Balls that I have obtained from some Poke Stops. That and the berries make catching Pokemon much easier so I can retain my sanity. These Pokemon jump more than kids do at concerts these days, so prior to using berries and Great Balls I quickly got frustrated trying to capture level 150 CP Pidgeys and Weedles.

    Now the issue of having to have "Candy" to evolve and level up. Shouldn't there be some way to find candy other than transferring Pokemon and catching more of that Pokemon in the wild? With how rare some of these strong Pokemon seem, I doubt if I ever encounter some of the rarities that I will find a second one to level them up. What gives?

    But after walking around my city and having the excitement of finding rare Pokemon on occasion, I am addicted. The excitement of finding something other than a Weedle or Pidgey brings me quite a great deal of joy. And it is a good excuse to go on a random walk. But I fear that with this hysteria we will only see the population more hooked on their phones, walking around like a zombie apocalypse where everyone is staring at their phones.

    There is more to this though. Pokemon Go has shown us the possibilities of augmented reality, and I am sure we will find similar games released in the near future that utilize this technology. Hopefully we will find more games that will encourage going outside and socializing with others, it seems as though Pokemon Go has also been bringing people together, which is awesome to see.


    If you are a gamer on PS4 or Xbox One, we have released Pokemon themed Xbox One and PS4 controllers. Click the respective images to find the product listing where you can purchase one of these with limited time special pricing to celebrate the success of Pokemon Go!

    poke (1) 14582026420 (1)
  • Custom Xbox One Controllers: Fallout 4, Pokemon, Mario, & More!

    Custom Xbox One Controllers

    Geniusmods is proud to launch a new line of custom modded Xbox One controllers with custom graphics! These graphics include images associated with Fallout 4, Gears of War, Pokemon, and more!

    You can find these controllers available at our site starting at just $59.99. That is cheaper than buying a standard black Microsoft Xbox One controller at the store. These are all brand new, authentic Microsoft controllers too! We simply buy the controllers from our local distributor (we ONLY use brand new, genuine Microsoft controllers!) and disassemble them to add the custom shells.

    We guarantee satisfaction with all orders as well! But enough of that, lets get into the graphics. First we have the blue, generic Fallout 4 custom Xbox One controller. This is a simple looking design, but definitely enough to please the eye!

    custom xbox one controller

    Want to go further in customization on your custom Xbox One modded controller? Check out some of our Pip-boy custom Fallout 4 controllers, or even our custom modded Xbox One controllers featuring a Pokemon design!

    Fan of Minecraft? We have you covered as well! Check out our new Minecraft controller for Xbox One as well! Fully configurable to be a full blown custom modded Xbox One controller.

    Whatever your needs may be, we can handle it. And we do custom orders as well!

  • MLG Counter-Strike:Global Offensive Major Championship

    MLG Counter-Strike:Global Offensive Major Championship: Columbus to be held at the MLG Arena and Nationwide Arena from March 29 – April 3, 2016 with a $1,000,000 prize pool. The first-ever Major to be held in North America will kick off Tuesday, March 29 at the MLG Arena with 16 of the best Counter-Strike: Global Offensive teams from around the world battling it out over 3 days for the Group Stage Matches. On April 1, the action starts at the state-of-the-art Nationwide Arena, home of the National Hockey League’s Columbus Blue Jackets. Over 3 days, teams will compete in front of thousands of fans during the Quarterfinals on Friday, Semifinals on Saturday, with the Grand Finals and All-Star Match taking place on Sunday. “For our first CS:GO event we brought the competition to the Aspen X Games,” said Adam Apicella, MLG. “We wanted to bring the game back to North American fans in a big way, and hosting a Major in front of thousands of spectators at Nationwide Arena is an exciting way to do that.” The CS:GO competitive scene has dominated the eSports landscape in 2015, with over 8.6 million unique players logging on to play last month and record-setting attendance and viewership at live events throughout the year. The upcoming Major, the first-ever in North America, will provide an opportunity for thousands of fans to celebrate their favorite players. The Major event will also be streamed live to millions of fans at home on multiple streaming platforms, featuring commentary and analysis from the top talent in the CS:GO community.

  • New 2016 Call Of Duty

    Call of Duty

    Activision switched Call of Duty to a three year development cycle back in 2014; both Sledgehammer Games and Treyarch have released their first three year developed title, and this year, it is Infinity Ward’s turn. Infinity Ward’s last title was Call of Duty: Ghosts, which was the first Call of Duty on next-gen platforms.Activision has not announced any details about the new title. We are still a while away from the reveal of the new title. Activision usually reveals the latest Call of Duty titles around April – May timeframe.

    2016 Call of Duty

    Also in other news Infinity Ward is set to show clips and exclusive sneak peaks of 2016 Call of Duty partnered by Playstation during E3 this year! With Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 breaking as many records as it did in 2015 everyone is expecting the 2016 Call of Duty to shatter all of them!

    Call of Duty World League

    Currently in The CWL the team dominating is OpTic Gaming with 14 wins and only 2 losses on the season. Trailing behind them is EnVyUs and Rise Nation both with 11 wins and 5 losses on the season. Also if you want to register your team for a chance to be in the CWL click here   and maybe your team can become #1!

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